Distribution of Wealth Within Companies

I am blessed to work with one of the worlds top insurance companies. The company gives top-notch insurance, an extremely generous amount of PTO, and we get paid for keeping ourselves healthy. They’ll even reimburse gym membership costs each month. They also have a generous base pay for every employee, no matter the position. The company does all this and still is among the best in the world. I think this comes from happy employees. they have a low turnover rate, and are constantly getting awards due to the hard work of their employees. They put a lot of money into their employees and are still doing very well. I think that the happiness of employees is based on recognition and incentives when it comes down to it, and i believe if companies distributed their income more evenly, it could be a huge step in improving the economy, saving them money on paying new employees and constant new training, and providing their employees with a higher income than most companies for the same job puts more back into the economy.