Doctors Vote with Their Feet and Move to Canada

This makes sense from an economic standpoint. Ultimately economic systems tend to migrate toward the most efficient ways of getting things done, granted they have competition. Less money spent negotiating whether or not someone needed a check up is more money in the pockets of the the employed and those who seek out a check up or a procedure. I know we as economists do not make decisions off of one instance (same for statisticians) but i know people who deal with the Canadian health care system as patients, and they think the U.S. system is terrible compared to the U.S. Often times people talk about the long waits in a doctor’s office, but the truth is that they prioritize based on what is wrong. If you were to go in with something that is serious like a gunshot wound you would be admitted immediately, they don’t leave you to die in the waiting room. Likewise, if you are there for a flu vaccine, you will have the longer wait time because they are trying to take care of the patients who need immediate attention.