I do not entirely agree with the train of thought behind the “Doctors Vote With Their Feet and Move to Canada” article. It states that the “tall tale” of the Canadian health care system, being so bad that they can’t find enough doctors and medicine in Canada so the doctors move to the U.S is a lie. Saying that its actually doctors moving to Canada because its far better there than in the U.S. Now I agree that the Canadian system is so bad they can’t find enough doctors and medicine to provide there citizens. This comes to no surprise as they have been having these issues for some time now. And most other socialized medical systems are pledged by the same issues. But i think it is more of a supply and demand issue than the job being better in Canada. My thoughts are socialism and socialized programs can never work to the degree a privet organization can. Private organizations can aways provide better care with a higher degree of satisfaction simply because if they don’t they will be replaced by another organization. Beyond that if Canadians don’t have enough doctors ( i.e high demand and low supply) wouldn’t the natural process of economics be doctors moving to Canada ( getting benefits to do so) to fix supply? I don’t have the most sound understanding of the subject but i believe my logic is true. The natural laws of supply and demand back my reasoning. Id love to hear others thoughts about this.