Patient’s Costs Skyrocket, Specialists’ Income Soar

I am hesitant to comment on this article, mostly because I have minimal knowledge on the field of healthcare. However, I do have friends that have gone the medical route, and to be honest, yes it does require a lot of studying and a decent percentage of your time is required just to make it through all of the necessary steps to become a doctor or even a nurse. That being said, I believe that it is not proper justification to charge people exorbitant amounts (even life changing) of money to get simple needed procedures done. What is essentially being dictated is that your ability to live happily should be unaffordable because they decided to spend a lot of time studying the field. Yes, it requires a lot of studying and money, but some of the figures thrown out in this article were eye opening. A large amount of these professionals are making ½ million dollars plus annually and they complain that their student loans amounted to one fifth of a year’s salary? Last I saw, most programs will cost a person what amounts to multiple years of salary to pay off coming out of college, not just one or two, and they do not go on to make as much as doctors. Typically hey are stuck near their entry level pay.