Reflecting back, one thing I learned in this class is something about myself. I have always been the “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” type of person. I tend to stick to routine, so when I discovered that this was not your routine class, it freaked me out. When it was mentioned that it’s similar to Facebook, it freaked me out even more. I’m not a very public person and don’t delve into social media all that much. I was timid to learn that my blog post’s can be seen by the public. So what I discovered, is that even though it was a challenge for me I was able to learn in a non traditional way. I feel like I learned a lot about economics, that I didn’t know, in a way that had I not taken this class I could have learned at home. It was hard to break the routine of non-traditional learning, but I figured it out somewhat. While it’s still a struggle for me to express my opinion behind a keyboard, I felt I did an okay job. Prior to taking this class, I often thought of economics, and economy more on the financial side of the government. I learned that economics is so much more than just money. I learned how economics relates to the environment, and the people living in that environment. How a poor environment can effect economics. Overall I enjoyed the knowledge I gained.