Today brazil faces a terrible crises that can effect the global economy. Below i posted two articles about Brazils debt and corresponding political problems. Brazil being one of the worlds largest emerging markets could have big implications on the global economy if they were to fall into a prolonged recession. With the upcoming olympics and large deposits of natural resources as well as being a big player in the agricultural market what will come of the emerging titan? I think that brazil has the potential to change its course, not without a possible change in regime and economic policies. Brazil has massive oil reserves that are state run, with Petrobras being present Brazil has the resources to combat its debt crises. The two articles below go into depth about the upcoming economic crises bringing up historical and comparative references to give a really nice understanding of what is going on. I strongly recommend that everyone should at least glance over these articles.

Brazils crises Irredeemable?

Brazil’s Highs and Lows