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  • Branden Garbin 5:04 pm on May 9, 2016 Permalink |  

    For me my best three posts are as followed below.
    3. “I found the essay; Development, imperialism and debt bombs” ID #: 853753
    I choose this as my third best essay because for one the reading the post was about was one of the most eyeopening essays i read this year. I was able to learn so much from the essay and i tried to reiterate what i learned in my post. Another reason i choose this essay was i was able to spark up a discussion with it. Though the discussion was short i believe it helped others learn more as i had.
    2. “The future essay was really interesting for me” ID# 854022
    I choose this post because This was a post that i had some prior knowledge of. In the post i tried to expand on the ideas of the essay in my own thoughts and ideas about what is happening in the world. Another reason i choose this is because i believe that some of my examples were able to help other understand the text even better by relating it to real world applications and accounts.
    1. I do not entirely agree with the train of thought behind the “Doctors Vote With Their Feet and Move to Canada” ID #: 853925
    I choose this article because this was the only article that i had an oppositions or questionable stance on. I was not questioning the information but the theory behind it. I learned many things from the essay my post was based on but the reason i like this post so much is because i could relate to it and had prior knowledge about the topic to to expand my ideas beyond its normal means. I believe my post helped others learn a possible different perspective of the topic. Another reason is that this post helped spark up a discussion about the topic, getting others involved more heavily.

  • Branden Garbin 5:03 pm on May 9, 2016 Permalink |  

    My thoughts on the curse design was at first a bit of a mixed message. I was questionable at first because i had not previously worked with the wordpress format before but as i became accustom to it as well as the way we were turning in assignments i became even more comfortable than using D2L. The lenient due dates i thought were going to make me procrastinate more but the exact opposite effect happened. I was less worried about getting things done in time( even though i always did) and more focused on what i was learning. This ease of access gave me the time i needed to go online and really look into and research the topics at hand. I believe that this was able to make me learn more over the corse of the semester. Overall i thoroughly enjoyed this class and the way it was presented to me. I was able to take away allot of new information and perspectives out of this class and that alone is worth every penny to me. If i had the chance to take another class like this i jump for the opportunity.

  • Branden Garbin 5:03 pm on May 9, 2016 Permalink |  

    The most prominent thing i learned in this class was different views or perspectives of economical means. I Had learned allot of new ideas in general but the difference for me was the information that I had already known or at least I thought i had known. The different perspectives about ideas that i had previous knowledge about was what really got me inspired. The book project was by far the most I’ve learned about a single topic this entire semester. Shattering what i thought i knew, and learning so much more. If i were to pick just two specific new bits of information that i had taken away. I would choose the the truth behind Social Security insolvency, And the debt traps first world nations impose on third world nations. This was a very informative class that i really enjoyed.

  • Branden Garbin 3:40 am on May 3, 2016 Permalink |  

    Below is a link to an article about income inequality. primarily a reiteration of what we covered earlier in the class about the disparity in wealth between the top 1% and the bottom 50%. This article i found extremely interesting in its examples and the way the information was explained. I strongly recommend at least a short glance over the article its not very long.


    • Eli Zumberg 2:06 am on May 6, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I agree that the article is interesting but I notice a lack of a certain word that might help explain the phenomena the article is talking about. So it leaves me to wonder if they worked inflation into all of this. but regardless of that I though that debt hasn’t been rising to be an interesting point because it could be a sign that the poorer are getting weary of credit cards as a whole.

  • Branden Garbin 10:09 pm on April 28, 2016 Permalink |  

    Theres not to many ted talks that can make me laugh but “is the future sustainable” was not only amusing it was incredibly fascinating. I had previously done allot of research on the concept of fish sanctuaries primary those kept in tanks that are extremely polluted. This ted talk was pretty surprising for me because i had not realized that there was a fully self sustaining fish sanctuary. I have looked into allot of self sustaining models for solutions to world hunger but i believe natural fish sanctuaries could be a possible real solution. and could be created with little to no infrastructure and maintenance. One other concept that i really liked is the concept of low maintenance high reward vegetation growth. Below is a link to a ted talk that explains everything about this computerized farming. its a really neat idea that could have the possibility of huge implications for the world.

  • Branden Garbin 2:30 pm on April 28, 2016 Permalink |  

    Below is a short article about the economic woes for Africa’s top 4 economies. I have been hearing allot in the news lately about how african economies are not doing as well as predicted and there growth is slowing. One thing i found shocking in this article is the percentage of revenue in some african counties and there reliance on oil. For example Angola receives 95% of its government revenue from oil. I just cant believe in todays world that fully organized government does not realize that a diversified portfolio is a means to avoid the scenarios they face today. But in broader terms what will the reduction in growth mean for the rest of the world. companies are pulling out because of stagnant growth which further exacerbates the crises. what will be the future result for countries like Nigeria? I think this actually might contribute to a rise in gas prices. which i hope not because i have been enjoying paying less at the pump.


  • Branden Garbin 2:27 pm on April 28, 2016 Permalink |  

    The whats the goal videos was very interesting i thought the video regarding GDP as a false indicator of growth is an excellent video. One example that fits best into this is china. they have enormous GDP growth and allot of it is falsified by mass amounts of infrastructure and other factors being pumped up by government support which makes china look as if it is growing when the reality is the disparity of wealth is growing and peoples average lives are not getting any better. This falsified GDP levels of growth are making it look as if China is doing better than the rest of the world when the reality of the situation is just the opposite. The other video talking about happiness as an economic indicator was something that i had never heard before. I thought it would play a larger role than simply more happiness equals higher pay grade but the concept itself interests me and is something i will look into further down the line.

  • Branden Garbin 2:23 pm on April 28, 2016 Permalink |  

    The future essay was really interesting for me because i have always been interested in future technologies and sustainability. i have looked into all of the different concepts mentioned in the essay. One thing in particular i found interesting after looking around in a few different articles is that Australia is leading the way in nanotech, dumbing billions into research. Another point i wanted to talk about is open production. with companies like apple with there open source applications for app design as well as other things is leading the way in the future of medical science research. Researchers in the medical field are able to get results form thousands of people across the world in seconds because of open source apps they create expanding there knowledge of disease such as Alzheimer’s. Another thing i wanted to say about open source is crowed funding i believe this is one in the same because it is helping out with thousands of startup’s in an open source format. allowing for a revolution to be started in the amount of products coming to market.

  • Branden Garbin 2:21 pm on April 28, 2016 Permalink |  

    For as long as I have been alive my grandparents have been telling me social security is broken and does not work. sense I’ve gotten older i have realized that is simply not true. well not entirely. after reading the Why SS Is Not “Broke” And How The Trust Fund Works essay i was actually blown away. i had always known there was a cushion but i had no idea that our cushion was so large no less sustainable for over a decade. after reading this i am going to intently look into the history of ss and see more of what the real story is. Its pretty difficult knowing something that you have heard your whole life was misleading but you simply cant argue with empirical evidence.

  • Branden Garbin 12:10 am on April 15, 2016 Permalink |  

    The “Patients’ Costs Skyrocket; Specialists’ Incomes Soar” article revealed some of the most outlandish and asinine medical costs i have ever heard. It shows a huge disparity from the costs of medical care in the united states verses the rest of the world. I personally have had to deal with outrageously high medical bills for surgeries. I had my foot ran over by a 22 ton boom lift a couple years back. Though my medical bills were covered for the cost seamed abnormally high. I had two surgeries one in which consisted of removing one of my toes and cutting off a large amount of dead tissue the other consisted of putting in 3 metal plates and 13 screws into my foot. The medical bill for both proceeders including hospital costs were roughly 250 thousand dollars. Today i am still fighting over medical bills and where they should be allocated.

    • Michael Ruben 4:21 pm on April 15, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      That is unfortunate that it happened to you. I feel like the medical profession is becoming vultures to its patients… when I was in sales I sold at high margins, but I also always ensured my client was satisfied. In a way, it was my “bedside manner,” which I feel is being lost in the medical profession nowadays with all the insurance and high costs. The other day I went in for a physical and three nurses (or PA’s, I’m not sure which) took my heart beat, temperature, and asked me a list of questions all AT THE SAME TIME. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I was on some assembly line of patients. In/ Out, bill, repeat.

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