Course Design

I like the blog post style used for this course. I think it’s a lot easier to keep track of my own work. For example, I can go to my page and see what/how many posts I’ve made for each unit while for my other class that has the basic d2l set up, I’d have to go to the discussion question, and scroll through to ensure that I had already answered, and posted two replies for that unit. This was is more convenient for sure. The only thing I wasn’t necessarily a fan of was the scheduling. I found the relaxed due dates caused me to lose motivation and procrastinate more than I should have. Of course, this is simply a personal opinion on it, I’m sure some students loved the relaxed deadlines. One thing I think that would be helpful is to have assignments where we need to poke around the entire site more than just posting from the home page. More assignments requiring actual pages, than simple posts perhaps.