This class was different from any class I’ve ever taken, but it’s format was great. It allowed me to focus on other courses that required more of my time during certain weeks and less of my time during others, so I was able to better schedule my studying habits. The ability to access this website and use almost every function of it from even a mobile phone is pretty fantastic (though I was behind a computer for all of my posts). It let me take a look at the general discussions that were taking place while i was on long car rides or sitting in between classes with no computer in front of me.

That being said, openly posting ideas and thought and opinions online scared me a bit. This is new for me, and with every post came the fear that I would sound like a jerk or leave me open for criticism in a bad way. What I found was that my classmates were pretty decent people and luckily that never happened.

I liked the way you taught this course and I would recommend it to a friend.