From the article, “CEO’s pay grows, average worker pay stagnates,” I have a strong personal opinion on this matter that can get quite emotional, but then I’ve met a ton of CEOs… and I mean a lot. So many in fact its disgusting. I’ve stood side by side, laughed, networked, and felt like I needed to wash afterwards. Maybe it’s just my character. I was raised with high standards, strong morals and values (Eagle Scout stuff) and an intrinsic drive to empower others to achieve their own excellence. I’ve met CEOs who belittled their employees to the point of making them cry or simply take credit for other’s accomplishments, or waste away company dollars in pursuit of lofty objectives that did nothing to improve the bottom line.

I can rightfully call myself a former executive, but I never made the big bucks. Not even close. I never sat in the big seat, puffing on a big cigar like one might imagine, or driving a brand new fancy expensive car. No, I busted my behind, dawn to dusk, getting dirty in the trenches, wearing more hats than I thought was humanly possible, and I feel good I was able to build a culture of people who enjoyed coming to work, feeling a strong sense of pride in their work, and even asking to take on more responsibilities even though they knew they wouldn’t get paid for it; I firmly believe that a leader sets the example. But as I’ve been told, I apparently was doing it all wrong. “CEOs don’t work for companies. Companies work for CEOs.” Evidently, a CEO is someone who generates ideas, inspires others to do all the work, and then gets in front of the camera and takes all the credit. Wow. I really missed the boat on that one. (cue the sarcasm) And should your secretary be unable to read your mind, fire her, and claim she was simply being insubordinate.