Sam’s recent post about the costs of things got me wondering so I figured out how much it would cost for a semester at state. I started by looking at the cost of tuition which for a single semester of 15 credits is $13,612 and then went to housing and found a cheap 1 bedroom at $600/mo. which for the 5 months I’d have to be there for the semester comes to $3000. If I were to continue by adding 50 too factor in the bus pass I’d need for transportation as well as the 80 I spend in general in a week it would cost me about $18,262 for a semester at MSU that is with discounting the variable for book purchases and course packs which could vary wildly so ill factor it in at $300 putting the total at 18,562 divide that by our minimum wage of $8.50 an hour and it would take 2184 hours to pay this all off. this leads me to think that maybe universities are starting to become more of a pit, because a hole is something you can climb out of.