I am glad we read about social security. I had always known that most of the things the GOP and Fox News had said about it was just fear mongering. But I never truly understood how it worked. I had no idea my employer had to match my payment. And now that I have had some clerification I can finally shut up my friend Mitch when he always goes on rages about social security. I don’t think he even realizes that the 6.2% coming out of his paychecks, is helping keep his Grandparents stable, and then in turn his grandparents spoil him more. So Social Security actually benefits him right now. My only curiosity on it is, why couldn’t that 6.2% be put in a government savings bond for the specific person that put into the fund. Like if I made $100 a year, and the government took $6.20 of it every year, why couldn’t after working my life, I take the let’s say 50 years of money I put in back? I would have put $310 in total, why couldn’t my payment be that $310+interest.