My thoughts on the curse design was at first a bit of a mixed message. I was questionable at first because i had not previously worked with the wordpress format before but as i became accustom to it as well as the way we were turning in assignments i became even more comfortable than using D2L. The lenient due dates i thought were going to make me procrastinate more but the exact opposite effect happened. I was less worried about getting things done in time( even though i always did) and more focused on what i was learning. This ease of access gave me the time i needed to go online and really look into and research the topics at hand. I believe that this was able to make me learn more over the corse of the semester. Overall i thoroughly enjoyed this class and the way it was presented to me. I was able to take away allot of new information and perspectives out of this class and that alone is worth every penny to me. If i had the chance to take another class like this i jump for the opportunity.