Reflecting a little on the cost of specialty physicians and patient health care costs. Seeing a doctor is just like any other service you pay for, you have a right to object to services if it is felt unnecessary. A lot of people are not aware that they can refuse treatment by a doctor, and often the physician will make you feel like there is nothing you can do like in Ms. Little’s situation. However, it seems to me not enough questions were asked on her part, or maybe they were and the physician wasn’t clear on the process. This article lays out the reason behind why you can call one doctors office and a new patient exam is 250 and the office down the road in 100. A perfect example is my step-son and I had the Flu type A a couple of weeks ago, we have different doctors. Of course we had the exact same things done, however, my office has a lab onsite and my stepsons doctor uses a contracted lab half way across the state. So of course my flu swab cost way less than his. My physicians office is also an affiliate of Spectrum Health, a very large health care system, where my stepsons is just a private practice with no affiliation. His bill every time he has a sick call is 191.54, mine is 80. Of course I have a large deductible, until that is met any office can pretty much charge what they want, I’ll have no choice but to pay until I have met my deductible.