when it comes to a reflection on the class I would say that the class is rather well designed. My only real problem with the class are those that I find in all online classes in that though I don’t like making blog posts. I generally find that with the lack of constant feedback also caused me suffering, seeing as a majority of what I’d posted about was via replies and comments on the videos linked. Posts like those are not internally treated as posts; hence when I have no method of knowing whether or not they were counted when it comes to point totals. I only bring this up because when I went to check my grade online, it appeared as if I had only been credited for the main posts. however the relaxed deadlines were also quite helpful because the lack of consistent real-world contact with you and the other students would sometimes end up putting them in the back of my mind. overall I would call it quite an enjoyable class though the nature of doing the blog posts allowed me to have discussions with the other students on points we don’t agree on a skill that in economics is fundamental, and at the end of the day it allowed me to be more honest about my opinions through leaving me unafraid of the long-term relationship affects with other students (no offense towards them, it even helped me to respect them more when they didn’t agree). If I were to rate it I would probably give the class as a whole a 3.5 GPA