As you’ve probably figured out by now, the syllabus time deadlines are more like guidelines.

Unit 6 has been combined with Unit 5.  Try to get this done in the April 11th area.

We’re coming down to the last stages. It’s time for Unit 7. For Unit 7, I want you to do the following:

  1.  You need to read and listen/watch as needed to Jim’s Posts for Unit 7; post to your own blog your thoughts and reactions
  2. Take the Midterm II quiz in D2L on the required Jim’s Readings/Viewings from Units 5-7.
  3. Book Review: If you haven’t already completed reading and writing your book review, it’s time to get it done.
    • The last step in the book review process is to prepare and submit a multiple choice question that a reader of your review should be able to answer. Be sure to enter your multiple choice question using the form.  If the form doesn’t work for you, you may email your question to me.  Be sure to include all of the possible answers and to identify what you think is the correct answer.
  4. Make some posts. At this point, you need to make at least 4-6 posts.   Feel free to post more times and to post shorter types of things or just links with brief comments, but I’d like to see at least two posts that try to make some kind of point.

The syllabus said April 24 to complete this Unit.  But practically LCC is having a site visit from its accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission.  Given my role as the Faculty representative on Accreditation & Strategic Planning I’ll be tied up all day on April 25, 26, 27.  I know I won’t be able to grade or deal with things until the 28th.  So you can plan on getting it done by April 27 and be OK. BUT we really need to have all of this unit by end of day April 27 so we can do Unit 8.

This is it folks. We’re near the end. It’s time for Unit 8, the last unit. For Unit 8, I want you to do the following:

  1. You need to read the book reviews of your fellow students.  To read your fellow student book review project pages, go Book Review Project tab in menu > then Student Book Projects.
  2. Take the Unit 8 quiz.  This quiz is based upon the questions submitted by students about their book reviews. It should be available by April 30, if everybody gets their questions in on time.  The Unit 8 quiz has been merged into the final exam.
  3. Make some posts.  You need to make 3 specific posts during Unit 8.
    • Write a post identifying your best 1-3 posts from the  semester (ones you want me to use to assign “Post Quality” points); explain why
    • Write a post providing feedback on the course and its design.  Be honest. Do you see potential? Should it be repeated? What did you like/ not like? What should change? What frustrated you?
    • Write a self-reflective post on what you’ve learned this semester. You can approach this as broadly as you want. It could be about some specific information or ideas you learned, or it could be about something you learned about yourself, or just a different way of thinking or perspective you learned.
  4. Take the final exam on D2L.  There will be a final exam study guide posted to help you prepare. Don’t get too uptight about it. The final exam is 80 points. It is made up of 6 MC questions on the book reviews (2 pts each) + 14 MC questions re-covering material already covered in Quiz 2 and the two midterms (each of the 14 MC/TF ques are 2 pts). That’s 40 pts in objective questions. Then there are 5 open ended questions asking you to reflect on certain issues – I’m looking for a 2-3 paragraphs, not long essay answers.The final exam is submitted once. There is no enforced time limit. D2L might say 120 mins is recommended, but you can ignore that. You should be able to open the final exam, work on part of it, save your work, and come back to it later. If it doesn’t allow you to return to your saved work, let me know ASAP. That is my intent. It’s kind of an online open-book exam.

    If you want to study for it first, go back and review quiz 2, midterm I, midterm II, and read the student book project reviews

Everything really does need to be completed by end of day on May 9. That barely allows me the time needed to get grading done and submit course grades.