We’re nearing the end.  In Unit 7 I want to have us begin to speculate on the future. What economic systems will we need?  Are we heading towards a bright future? Is it sustainable? Will it be better than the past? I’ve prepared these readings for you. Some of them contain embedded videos that are very interesting too.  As usual, add your own finds from the Web!

Unit 7 Readings: The Future/

Unit 7 – The Future

Unit 7 Readings: Is the Future Sustainable?

Unit 7 – Is the Future Sustainable?

Unit 7 Readings: The Future of Production

From a year ago.

Unit 7- The Future of Production

Unit 7 Readings: What’s the Goal?

Unit 7 – What’s the Goal?

The Rich vs. The Rest in 20th Century

CEO Pay Soars, Average Worker Pay Stagnates

Income Inequality Widens For Both Men and Women