Overall the design of the course is good…

Overall the design of the course is good, in my opinion better for the younger generations as it is very similar to social media. I learned a lot in this class, however, I felt like there could be a ton more teacher feedback. I went the entire semester wondering whether or not the quality of my post’s were good. Overall though the entire class was great. I loved the flexibility and that this was a different way of learning.

For me my best three posts are as…

For me my best three posts are as followed below.
3. “I found the essay; Development, imperialism and debt bombs” ID #: 853753
I choose this as my third best essay because for one the reading the post was about was one of the most eyeopening essays i read this year. I was able to learn so much from the essay and i tried to reiterate what i learned in my post. Another reason i choose this essay was i was able to spark up a discussion with it. Though the discussion was short i believe it helped others learn more as i had.
2. “The future essay was really interesting for me” ID# 854022
I choose this post because This was a post that i had some prior knowledge of. In the post i tried to expand on the ideas of the essay in my own thoughts and ideas about what is happening in the world. Another reason i choose this is because i believe that some of my examples were able to help other understand the text even better by relating it to real world applications and accounts.
1. I do not entirely agree with the train of thought behind the “Doctors Vote With Their Feet and Move to Canada” ID #: 853925
I choose this article because this was the only article that i had an oppositions or questionable stance on. I was not questioning the information but the theory behind it. I learned many things from the essay my post was based on but the reason i like this post so much is because i could relate to it and had prior knowledge about the topic to to expand my ideas beyond its normal means. I believe my post helped others learn a possible different perspective of the topic. Another reason is that this post helped spark up a discussion about the topic, getting others involved more heavily.

My thoughts on the curse design was at…

My thoughts on the curse design was at first a bit of a mixed message. I was questionable at first because i had not previously worked with the wordpress format before but as i became accustom to it as well as the way we were turning in assignments i became even more comfortable than using D2L. The lenient due dates i thought were going to make me procrastinate more but the exact opposite effect happened. I was less worried about getting things done in time( even though i always did) and more focused on what i was learning. This ease of access gave me the time i needed to go online and really look into and research the topics at hand. I believe that this was able to make me learn more over the corse of the semester. Overall i thoroughly enjoyed this class and the way it was presented to me. I was able to take away allot of new information and perspectives out of this class and that alone is worth every penny to me. If i had the chance to take another class like this i jump for the opportunity.

The most prominent thing i learned in this…

The most prominent thing i learned in this class was different views or perspectives of economical means. I Had learned allot of new ideas in general but the difference for me was the information that I had already known or at least I thought i had known. The different perspectives about ideas that i had previous knowledge about was what really got me inspired. The book project was by far the most I’ve learned about a single topic this entire semester. Shattering what i thought i knew, and learning so much more. If i were to pick just two specific new bits of information that i had taken away. I would choose the the truth behind Social Security insolvency, And the debt traps first world nations impose on third world nations. This was a very informative class that i really enjoyed.


I find it interesting that as smoothly as the TPP went for lawmakers and corporate interests the TTIP agreement with the EU is decidedly less friendly. Is it that the popular sentiment means more in Europe than it does in the US or is it that the lawmakers are just less corrupt? I feel that in many ways EU countries seen the protest that went on in the US as well as locally and decided to take a deeper look into the agreement negotiated than US politicians did. Though with the rhetoric that is coming out of Germany and France of late one would think that it was a raw deal.

Self Reflection

I think I’ve grown throughout this experience. I mentioned in a previous post that i was slightly nervous before making any posts of any kind, but it’s helped me grow just a bit. The readings and the information we have learned throughout this course have been insightful and interesting. For example, I would not have known that there was going to be a social security fund around when I was older, I just always thought it would be gone. The insight this course has given into some of the problems that we face as a nation has been fantastic and eye-opening, This course has been a nice break from the usual learning methods used in a classroom and if I could I would take this course again.

I Wanted to put up one last post…

I Wanted to put up one last post thanking all of you. It was a pleasure taking this class and in the end it helped me to grow as a person. It was quite nice to be able to talk economics with all of you and if I noticed you on the street I would be happy to say hello. I wish all of you the best of luck for the future.


This class was different from any class I’ve ever taken, but it’s format was great. It allowed me to focus on other courses that required more of my time during certain weeks and less of my time during others, so I was able to better schedule my studying habits. The ability to access this website and use almost every function of it from even a mobile phone is pretty fantastic (though I was behind a computer for all of my posts). It let me take a look at the general discussions that were taking place while i was on long car rides or sitting in between classes with no computer in front of me.

That being said, openly posting ideas and thought and opinions online scared me a bit. This is new for me, and with every post came the fear that I would sound like a jerk or leave me open for criticism in a bad way. What I found was that my classmates were pretty decent people and luckily that never happened.

I liked the way you taught this course and I would recommend it to a friend.

3 Best Posts

I believe my three best posts were:
CEO Pay Soars, Average Worker Pay Stagnates: I put a lot of thought into this post as well as generated a response from the community.
Unit 3: The New Second World: Once again, lots of thought was put into this post, but It sparked debate among the community with generally large responses which actually made me think that what I was trying to communicate was worth saying. I think there were around three responses total that weren’t me, and almost an essay in response from myself.
Unit 3- Development, Imperialism, and the Debt Bombs: I believe that this was one of my best posts as well, because once again it got someone outside of myself engaged and talking.
All of my posts required a lot of time thought and erasing and rewriting, but these three seemed to generate the most talk from the community and that;s why i think they were my best posts of the semester.

Russian land for Free

After finding an article on Reddit about Russia trying to increase it’s influence in Siberia by giving away free land (2.5 acres a person). Although this appears like a modern day land grab similar to what the United States did in the 1800’s 90,000 Chinese already live in the area. Are the Russians really that afraid of their Chinese neighbors annexing swathes of Siberia in a similar manner to what t is doing in the china sea?