3 Best Posts

I believe my three best posts were:
CEO Pay Soars, Average Worker Pay Stagnates: I put a lot of thought into this post as well as generated a response from the community.
Unit 3: The New Second World: Once again, lots of thought was put into this post, but It sparked debate among the community with generally large responses which actually made me think that what I was trying to communicate was worth saying. I think there were around three responses total that weren’t me, and almost an essay in response from myself.
Unit 3- Development, Imperialism, and the Debt Bombs: I believe that this was one of my best posts as well, because once again it got someone outside of myself engaged and talking.
All of my posts required a lot of time thought and erasing and rewriting, but these three seemed to generate the most talk from the community and that;s why i think they were my best posts of the semester.