For me my best three posts are as…

For me my best three posts are as followed below.
3. “I found the essay; Development, imperialism and debt bombs” ID #: 853753
I choose this as my third best essay because for one the reading the post was about was one of the most eyeopening essays i read this year. I was able to learn so much from the essay and i tried to reiterate what i learned in my post. Another reason i choose this essay was i was able to spark up a discussion with it. Though the discussion was short i believe it helped others learn more as i had.
2. “The future essay was really interesting for me” ID# 854022
I choose this post because This was a post that i had some prior knowledge of. In the post i tried to expand on the ideas of the essay in my own thoughts and ideas about what is happening in the world. Another reason i choose this is because i believe that some of my examples were able to help other understand the text even better by relating it to real world applications and accounts.
1. I do not entirely agree with the train of thought behind the “Doctors Vote With Their Feet and Move to Canada” ID #: 853925
I choose this article because this was the only article that i had an oppositions or questionable stance on. I was not questioning the information but the theory behind it. I learned many things from the essay my post was based on but the reason i like this post so much is because i could relate to it and had prior knowledge about the topic to to expand my ideas beyond its normal means. I believe my post helped others learn a possible different perspective of the topic. Another reason is that this post helped spark up a discussion about the topic, getting others involved more heavily.