The “Can the Poor be Trusted” essay was a little eye-opening. I personally did not realize there was a no strings attached monetary stimulus package. More or less that it has been implemented in 45 countries and has helped 110 million families. Personally the question of can the poor be trusted in a no strings attached cash grant my answer would have been no. I knew the plan would be effective but not to such a high degree. Coming from a family that lives paycheck to paycheck a stimulus package like this would have been a blessing. But i could also see without oversight a large portion of the money would end up in a blackmarket. Reading through this article i could begin to realize how a monetary policy like this one would impact a countries economy. Im not a fan of handouts but after realizing this i am sold on the concept. Now i am curious as to how a policy like this would effect America. Would it mean more cashflow and a healthier economy? Or would it end up as government debt?